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General advice on protecting your vehicle and its contents

There are some basic measures you can take to reduce the chances of becoming a target for car crime. Many are common sense but worth remembering all the same - it's all about getting into the habit of being security conscious, so this becomes automatic behavior.

  1. Lock the doors and arm the alarm whenever you leave your vehicle, even for a short time. The opportunist thief likes nothing more than seeing someone rush into the news agent or petrol station with the keys still in the ignition, or a laptop on the passenger seat. Get into the habit of never leaving the car vulnerable and you'll be much less likely to accidentally leave it unlocked or unarmed.
  2. Remove valuable items or place them out of view in the boot or in a lockable glove-box. Remove the cradle of a portable Sat Nav, not just the Sat Nav itself, and wipe away the mark left by the suction cup. Inconvenient? Yes, but well worth the effort - especially if you've parked in an area you're not familiar with.
  3. Periodically check that all your doors lock when you operate the central locking, and check the driver's door each time you leave the car.
  4. Park in a well-lit street or in a secure car park.
  5. Never leave your keys on view, on a pub table for example, or close to a window or the letterbox at home. If you play sports, make sure keys are stored in a secure locker or with someone you know.
  6. Lock your doors whilst driving and roll up the windows when stopping at lights, especially in towns and cities.

A good choice is the:

  1. Disklok Steering Wheel Lock which is:
  2. Sold Secure ‘Gold’ rated and
  3. Thatcham CAT 3 approved.
  1. Received 10/10 for security in Auto Express tests!

  1. Using a high visibility insurance approved steering wheel lock rated by Sold Secure will often deter the chance of a theft attack.

  1. Sold Secure ‘Gold’ rated when used with Bulldog Wheel Lock Bolts,
  2. Can be fitted under 10 seconds,
  3. And received 10/10 for security in Auto Express tests!
  1. Use a wheel clamp if you leave you vehicle for long periods of time it may be worth investing in a high security wheel clamp such as the Bulldog Euro Clamp which is insurance approved,

  1. Use locking wheel nuts if you have a nice set of alloy wheels it is sensible to buy some locking wheel nuts to keep them safe, make sure they are rated by Sold Secure and insurance approved.

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