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Insurers will ask a standard set of questions about what security devices your bike has such as, where will it be kept during the day and overnight? Depending on how you answer these questions, your insurance premium may be affected as your bike will be either deemed as being at a low, medium or high risk of being stolen.  

Use Insurance approved security

Insurers will look favorably on Sold Secure approved security devices being used. Decent physical security can be the decisive factor when considering whether to offer cover at all. The general view is that an individual displaying the intention to look after their bike using an approved security device such as a Sold Secure ‘Gold’ rated chain and lock combination presents considerably less risk of theft.

Motorcycle insurers Bennetts and eBike Insurance give discounts on Sold Secure approved security devices. They offer competitive rates and also recognise the importance of having an advanced riding qualification too.

Why do premiums vary so much between different insurance companies?
Insurance companies work with different statistics and use different methods to calculate premiums. Some companies specialise in certain areas or types of motorbikes so are prepared to discount more in some areas than others. This adds to the complexity as  like for like quotes with different companies can yield a number of very different prices.

Common insurance questions 

 Is the bike security tagged/marked?

Why do insurers need to know this? Secure marking is becoming increasingly popular with a number of manufacturers who tag their vehicles before they leave the factory. If you have used one of these kits or you know the bike has been marked already, you maybe entitled to a premium reduction.

If your bike is not already marked, there are kits readily available to uniquely identify your property. Suppliers include:

  1. Alphadot Security  (watch the alphadot video)
  2. Data Tag 
  3. Smart Water – (watch the smart water video)

Does your bike have an additional security devices?

All of the following examples are Sold Secure rated, insurance industry approved security devices and may warrant a discount with your insurer when used whilst your bike is left unattended.

Security Type


Sold Secure Rating

Available from

Ground anchor lock and chain combination

PJB Untouchable Chain Lock
PJB Untouchable Chain Lock Built In



Chain and padlock

Oxford HD
Oxford Hardcore Chain
Oxford Monster




Oxford Magnum
Kryptonite New York M-18WL Lock




Oxford HD Mini Shackle
Oxford The Boss



Where is the bike kept during the day?

If you bike is left in a private office car park, or in a secure public car park during the day, insurers will often see these locations as low risk areas and maybe prepared to offer a discount on the insurance premium.

Where will you keep it overnight?

Be honest! If you say you park in the garage and you don't have one - you might not be covered. If you leave your bike on your driveway overnight, it is advisable to use an insurance approved, Sold Secure ‘Gold’ rated ground anchor chain and padlock combination.

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