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Many caravan insurers recommend that when buying a caravan security device you should make sure it comes with a seal of approval from Sold Secure . Products which have been satisfactorily assessed will normally display the Sold Secure  quality mark.

Information on these approved products are circulated to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the media and the Home Office. Sold Secure, with the support of the Home Office and police, is the only fully accredited UK based organisation testing the effectiveness of caravan and trailer security devices and works closely with the Caravan Insurers Accident and Research Group (CITARG).

A division of the Master Locksmiths Association,
Sold Secure, have developed and launched (with the help of CITARG) a new testing specification to keep up to date with the methods used by thieves. An increasing number of caravan insurance companies fully recognise the work being done helps to improve their customers overall caravan security and are often prepared to offer premium discounts if Sold Secure products are used.

Sold Secure security grades/categories

BRONZE - rated products offer theft resistance against the basic tool list (aimed at preventing opportunist crime)

SILVER - rated products offer theft resistance against enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacks)

GOLD - rated products offer the highest level of approval.

Diamond - A new ‘Diamond’ rating has now been developed in conjunction with the National Caravan Council for a new class of caravan security called Wheel Locks.

Caravan Insurers

  1. Over 12 years experience dealing with caravan and motorhome insurance
  2. Policies underwritten Zurich Insurance plc  
  3. Discounts are provided for members of caravanning clubs and owners clubs for caravans.
  4. Discounts are provided if your caravan has electronic security, such as an alarm or tracker.  

Storage requirements

If your caravan is not stored on your driveway or within the garden or enclosed boundaries of your own home, or on a CaSSOA registered storage site, then it must be stored on a secure storage site which fits the following description, “A locked and secure compound designed for storing caravans which has a secure perimeter and locked gates which restrict access and exit. There must be at least 10 caravans stored on the site and the site must be supervised.”

Equine and Leisure (e&l) provide bicycle, caravan & trailer insurance and also endorse Sold Secure approved security devices.

e&l offer:

  1. 25% online discount
  2. 5% discount if you store your caravan at a CaSSOA gold site
  3. 10% discount if your caravan is fitted with an approved tracker. Approved   trackers are Phantom Target, Phantom Target Pro-Active, Tracker Horizon and RAC Trackstar Plus
  4. 5% discount if the driver of the caravan is over 45 years old
  5. 5% discount if you are a member of the Caravan Club

For cover to be valid you will need to meet their specified security requirements. For example, for touring caravans it is a condition precedent to their policy that following security devices are used whilst on holiday (detached from towing vehicle and in 24-hour recreational use):

  1. Proprietary wheel clamp (high security integral lock projecting into the recessed well on the inside of the wheel)
  2. Hitchlock (protecting the coupling bolts)

See e&l’s security requirements for more details.

  1. Members of the National Caravan Council (NCC)
  2. Insured over 70,000 customers
  3. Offer discounts for Caravan Club members
  4. Satisfaction Assurance - 14 day money back refund
  5. Policies underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited

Specified security requirement

It is a condition of this policy that whenever the caravan is left unattended and detached from the towing vehicle, you will make sure it cannot be moved by fitting a hitch lock and either a wheel or axle lock. If left unattended while attached to the towing vehicle you must fit a wheel clamp. If a double axle Caravan both axles must have a wheel clamp fitted. Failure to comply with this condition will result in your claim not being paid.

Storage requirements 

When the caravan is not in use, the address where the caravan is stored and the security in place, must be notified to and agreed by us. This is shown on your policy schedule. In the event of a change of the storage address it is a condition of cover that the new address and security in place is agreed by us via the web site to ensure cover remains in force. It is acceptable for the caravan to be stored at home for one night for

emptying/loading/cleaning/servicing purposes if your caravan is not usually stored at your home address.

Towergate offers award winning caravan insurance with excellent benefits. Towergate have had over 35 years experience in providing touring caravan insurance, static caravan insurance, park home insurance, trailer tent insurance and folding caravan insurance.

Specified security requirement

Towergate state that it is a minimum requirement that your touring caravan is secured with a hitch lock and a wheel clamp. In addition, they ask if your touring caravan fitted with any of the following security devices.

  1. Tracker device:
  1. Proactive
  2. Non- proactive

  1. Alarm:
  1. Thatcham Q or TQA approved alarm
  2. Factory fitted alarm

  1. Chassis secure wheel locking device
  2. Hitchpost
  3. Mule anchoring device
  4. Tagging security system

Remember! The more security devices you have, the more difficult your caravan will be to steal. This is why insurers will offer premium discounts if you are using a number of security devices together.

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