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There are some basic measures you can take to reduce the chances of becoming a target for caravan crime. Many are common sense but worth remembering all the same - it's all about getting into the habit of being security conscious, so it becomes habit.

Advice on protecting your vehicle and its contents

  1. Immobilise your caravan at all times, even when stopping only briefly. Use a use a wheel clamp and hitch lock combination.
  2. Consider buying an insurance approved alarm rated by Sold Secure  
  3. Remove all personal belongings and contents from the caravan whenever it's not in use and leave curtains open, so potential thieves can see nothing of value is inside.
  4. Take photographs of the exterior and interior of the caravan and keep them at home, along with any registration documents. Make a note of any identifying scratches etc.
  5. Mark the serial or chassis number in several places inside the caravan, using an ultra violet pen or permanent marker. Remember to make a note of the marked locations.
  6. Ensure the CRiS registration of your caravan is up to date with details of your ownership, or make sure you register your caravan if it is eligible.
  7. Use an electronic tagging system similar to those offered by Thiefbeaters.
  8. Keep a register of the serial numbers of all the accessories fitted, such as refrigerators and cookers.
  9. When on holiday (detached from towing vehicle) always use a wheel clamp and hitch lock (protecting the coupling bolts)
  10. Don't choose a storage site on price alone. Consider site security. If the worst happens and the caravan is stolen, notify the police and insurance company. Give the police a full description, including chassis number and any identifying marks.
  11. If you caravan is stationary on your driveway for long periods, think about securing it using a ground anchor such as the PJB ATV Ground Anchor + Viper Lock and using a security post.

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