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Homes with no security measures are far more likely to be burgled than those with a few security measures. Good window locks and strong door deadlocks can make a big difference. Find out about a few effective steps you can take to secure your home.

  1. Door Security
  2. Window security
  3. Garage door security
  4. Security lighting
  5. Security padlocks
  6. Burglar alarms

Home security facts

  1. 35% of all burglaries are crimes of opportunity - the burglar let themselves in through unlocked doors or windows.
  2. You are ten times more likely to be burgled if you don’t have basic security - even something as simple as putting strong locks on your doors and windows will keep your house much safer.
  3. Burglary has fallen by nearly 60% since 1995, but criminals are opportunists who will take advantage of any chance to steal from you, so you should remain vigilant.  

Door  security

In most burglaries, thieves tend to brake into the house or flat via the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. So make sure your external doors are strong, secure and fitted with a five lever mortice lock.

A 5 Lever Mortice Lock:

External doors with glass panels are particularly vulnerable. If you have one on your door you could replace it with laminated glass, which is stronger. Alternatively you can buy a film in a DIY store that you can stick over the glass to make it harder to break.

If you are fitting a new external wooden door make sure it’s fitted with a five lever mortice deadlock. A five lever mortice lock certified to BS3621 is recommended by both insurance companies and the police.

A three point multi lock

Alternatively if you are buying a new UPVC door check with the installer that it is being fitted with a three point multi lock. 

Remember - by ensuring you have an approved lock, you can cut your insurance premium by up to 5%. Always check your home contents insurance policy closely, as some companies now insist that five lever mortice locks are fitted.

View a full range of suitable door locks.

Window security

Insurers will often specify that key-operated locks should be fitted to all accessible windows. Fit window locks with keys to all downstairs windows and those upstairs that are easy to reach.

Window locks are relatively inexpensive and easy to fit, however before buying your window locks check the construction of your windows as there are different locks available.

Search for locks for:

  1. Wooden windows 
  2. Metal windows
  3. UPVC windows

If you are fitting new windows, make sure the ones you buy are certified to British Standard BS7950.

Garage door security

To keep high value domestic assets like cars, motorcycles and bicycles safe you should consider additional security devices to keep the garage door securely closed. A good example of garage door security is the Garage Door Defender. This product is rated by Sold Secure, insurance approved and acts an excellent visual deterrent providing a high security horizontal bar that prevents the garage door from being forced open.

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Security lighting

Installing outside lights which are motion activated can be a valuable tool to reduce the risk of being burgled.

Security padlocks

There is a large range of padlocks to choose from, including brass, steel, laminated, weatherproof, lever, combination padlocks, discus, and straight shackle padlocks.

Best security padlock buys

A good padlock is essential if you want your property kept outside of your house safe. A weatherproof padlock such as the Sterling Weatherproof Padlock can be used to secure either your side gate or your shed containing valuable garden equipment.

The Sterling Weatherproof Padlock has a steel laminated body, protected hardened steel chrome plated shackle, double locking and comes with a 10 Year Guarantee.

If you are looking for serious protection you will need an ultra high security padlock (CEN Grade 4 and above) to keep high value domestic assets like motorcycles, quad bikes and trailers secure.

A highly recommended  CEN Grade 5 padlock is the Federal SS 700 Padlock. The Federal padlock is Sold Secure rated and has the following features:


  1. Deadlocking. Key-retaining.
  2. Hardened solid steel lock body.
  3. Molybdenum-steel shackle.
  4. Stainless steel ball locking system.

CEN security rating is the European Standards for padlocks and padlock fitting. Ratings are awarded with the highest being 6 to the lowest being 1.

GRADE 6 - Extra High Security

GRADE 5 - High Security
GRADE 4 - Security
GRADE 3 - Standard
GRADE 2 & 1 - General

View a range of security padlocks 

Burglar alarms/security systems

Before investing in this form of security device you should ask yourself, do I need a burglar alarm? First make sure the general security of your home is taken care of. Check all external doors and windows are secure, and then consider the crime statistics in your local area.

Government statistics indicate that approximately 60% of burglaries on homes fitted with burglar alarms are unsuccessful. Burglars usually avoid breaking into a house fitted with an intruder alarm and look for easier targets elsewhere.

A burglar alarm can be vital security device to deter thieves in a high crime area. Protecting your home with a security system provides a much safer environment for your family. Even if you live in an area with a low burglary rate, having a security system can provide peace of mind knowing that you have done your best to ensure that your home and family are protected.

There is a huge variety of burglar alarms available in the market, making it difficult to know which one to buy. Before deciding on the type of burglar alarm, check with your home insurance company first. This could help make your choice a little easier due to many insurance companies insisting that only companies registered with the National Approval Council for Security Systems (NACOSS) carry out the installation of alarms.

Remember - some insurance companies offer premium discounts for houses fitted with an intruder alarm and fire protection, mainly because households fitted with these devices are less likely to need to make a claim.

If installing your own DIY alarm, make sure it meets BS6707 requirements. If you are having it professionally installed, ensure your installer meets BS4737 standards.

Types of Alarms

There are three main types of alarm, the bells-only alarm, the monitored alarm and the speech dialler.

Bells-only alarm 

A bell only alarm simply makes a lot of noise when triggered. It acts as a deterrent and will alert neighbours and passers by, but won't generate a police response.

Cost: Expect to pay a one-off fee of £350-£600.

Speech dialler

A speech dialler will cost less than a monitored system. It works by having a speech dialler fixed to the alarm bell system. This will call pre-set numbers and leave a message (for example family members or your mobile).

Cost: The extra cost of a speech dialler is around £150-£200

Monitoring contracts

A monitored alarm will cost you a little more than the bells only type. The difference here is that the system is connected to a receiving centre which monitors signals received from your alarm. If the detector is triggered then a signal will be sent to the call centre. They will then phone for a password ID to see if everything is OK. If the password is not received then the operator will either contact you or one of your key-holders.

Cost: Installation will cost between £800-£1000. Expect to pay £69-£176 a year for key-holder monitoring and you will have to pay for maintenance as well.

Police response 

For a higher fee, you can have your alarm linked to the police. Paying more won’t guarantee they come out. Whether police go to your home and how quickly depends on what other incidents are happening and what other resources are available.

Cost: ADT are one of the largest alarm-fitting chains, and charges from £263.40 a year, which includes maintenance. Your local police also charge a one-off fee of up to £45 to register alarms with a unique reference number.

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