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Reduce the risk of being a target of crime and you could benefit from insurance premium discounts by following these effective measures.

  1. Fit approved locks on all windows and doors

Five-lever mortice locks are recommended for external doors, while windows should ideally have a key operated lock. A five lever mortice lock certified to BS3621, is recommended by both insurance companies and the police. By ensuring you have approved locks can cut your insurance premium by up to 5%.  

  1. Install an alarm

There are certain alarm systems preferred by insurance companies. The NACOSS standard alarm can cut premiums with some companies by 7.5%.

  1. Time-switch lights

Your home is more vulnerable to theft when you are not around – so give the impression that you are with time-switch lights.

  1. Keys
    Don't leave them in obvious places such as under a doormat. Also beware of 'hook n crook' thefts - where keys are left so close to a door that a burglar can simply hook them through a letterbox and open the door.

  1. Fire

Fit a smoke alarm and take simple steps to avoid accidents. Most fires in the home are caused by smoking or cooking, so don't leave cigarettes lying around and don't leave cooking unattended. Other fire tips include closing doors at night to contain fires, check the home is safe before going to bed and keep matches away from children.

  1. Garage/shed security. 

Many of us keep expensive bicycles and garden equipment in our garages or sheds. These can often be easy targets as many people do not use adequate security. Your garage door can be secured by using a garage door lock such as the Garage Defender which has been rated by Sold Secure and insurance approved.

  1. Install security lighting 

Illuminate your visitors for their safety as well as your own. Unwelcome visitors are less likely to loiter if they're 'in the spotlight'.

  1. Join a neighbourhood watch campaign

This can help to reduce your premium if you inform the home insurance company of your participation in a scheme. It can reduce your premiums by up to 5%.

  1. Beware of bogus callers

‘Distraction burglars’, known as bogus callers, will distract your attention in order to get into your home to steal your money or belongings. If anyone you don’t know turns up at your door, you should always ask to see their identification before letting them in. Only let someone into your home when you are absolutely certain they are genuine.

  1. Register your valuables.

You can register your bike and other valuables for free with

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