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It’s important you buy the right level of security to protect your bicycle when you are out and about. If you intend to leave your bike in public areas it is vital you lock your bike securely to an immovable object using an insurance approved lock. 

Before buying a bicycle lock you should check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to ensure you are using an insurance approved lock. Failure to meet your insurer’s requirements could lead to a claim for bicycle theft being declined. Insurers are required to specify what level of security is required within your policy wording, so if you are unsure, you should check your policy as soon as possible.

Many insurers will define an insurance approved lock as being tested and rated by Sold Secure. Sold Secure are a non-profit making company who were set up back in 1992 by the police with the help and backing of the Home Office. They are now administered by the Master Locksmiths Association. Sold Secure test and assess the effectiveness of security products available to commercial customers, the Home Office, the police and the public.

 Sold Secure has three security grades/categories.

BRONZE  rated products offering theft resistance against the basic tool list (aimed at preventing opportunist crime)

SILVER – rated products offering theft resistance against enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacks)

GOLD – rated products offer the highest level of approval.

Examples of lock requirements from bicycle insurers

Cyclecover provides bicycle insurance through Butterworth Spengler Facilities Ltd. Notably, they offer new-for-old cover and recommend that bikes are insured for the full replacement value, including all accessories and locking devices.

Cyclecover defines an approved lock as:

“a lock which is specified in the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) ‘Sold Secure’ list of Cycle locks and which is appropriate to the value of your bike in accordance with the classification of locks determined by the MLA Sold Secure list”.

Cyclecover’s policy terms state a claim for theft away from your home will not be covered:

Unless the cycle(s) was locked to a solid and immovable object by an approved lock, in which case you will need to provide us with evidence of the approved lock in the form of the key and a purchase receipt clearly showing the make and type of the lock or by returning to us the damaged lock itself’.

Cycle guard 

Cycle guard’s approved lock is based on locks that have achieved Sold Secure accreditation. They have graded security requirements for different item values

Equine and Leisure provide bicycle, caravan & trailer insurance and endorse Sold Secure approved security devices. They have graded security requirements for different item values.

Approved lock definition, “Locks approved by us, tested by Sold Secure”. . See e&l approved locks.

Requirements when the bicycle is away from your home

Bicycles in premises or areas open to the public, or at private premises between 6am and 9pm and not being used or supervised, must be left where any potential theft can easily be seen and locked to an immovable object by an approved lock or kept in a separate and secure area not accessible by anyone other than the insured, and secured by a five lever lock to British standard BS3621.

Condition of claim settlement

The remains of an approved lock, purchase receipt for the lock or the lock’s key must be provided in the event of theft.

Endsleigh offer bicycle insurance, requiring you to use locks from their approved list. If your bike is stolen they offer to replace on a ‘new for old’ basis, subject to your bike being under three years old.

They define an approved lock , “a lock selected from the list of locks in ‘Your Statement of Insurance’, which has been tested by Sold Secure, a division of the Master Locksmiths association. In the event of a claim either the key, or the remains of the lock, plus proof of purchase will be required to validate that an approved lock has been used.”

Policy requirements

Accidental damage, theft and malicious damage cover are excluded:-

when Your Bike is left Unattended and not inside a Locked Building, (or where it is in a Locked Building but 5 or more persons other than You have access) unless the Bike is secured to an immovable object through the frame by an approved lock.



your bike is left unattended and not in a locked building, between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., cover will only be extended if You have secured the Bike through the frame to an immovable object by an approved lock AND either the saddle or the front wheel has been removed and is in your care.


ETA  offers bicycle insurance, again requiring Sold Secure approved locks The ETA defines an approved lock as:

A nominated lock from the appropriate category of the Sold Secure website cycles that have a value of less than £250 require a Bronze rated lock, cycles that have a value of less than £1500 require a Silver rated lock and cycles that have a value exceeding £1500 require a Gold rated lock)

This insurance covers your pedal cycle for theft, accidental loss or accidental damage occurring within Britain and for up to ninety days in Europe and up to 60 days worldwide whilst left unattended in a public place at any time provided you have complied with the following:

  1. The pedal cycle is secured by an approved lock to an immovable object, or;
  2. It is locked in a building where theft occurs because of forcible or violent entry.

Evans Cycle Insurance is oriented toward Evans' customers, again requiring Sold Secure approved locks. They offer optional public liability cover and ‘new’ for ‘old’, but for newer bikes only (otherwise a depreciation allowance is applied).

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