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Buildings with no security measures in place are ten times more likely to be burgled than those with a few security measures. Find out about a few effective steps you can take to secure your office.

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Door Security

In most burglaries, thieves tend to brake into the premises via the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. So it’s vital to make sure your external wooden doors are strong, secure and fitted with a five lever motice lock.

A five lever mortice Lock:

External doors with glass panels are particularly vulnerable. If you have one on your door you could replace it with laminated glass, which is stronger. Alternatively you can buy a film in a DIY store that you can stick over the glass to make it harder to break.

If you are fitting a new external wooden door make sure it’s fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock. A 5 lever mortice lock certified to BS3621 is recommended by both insurance companies and the police.

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Window security

Insurers will often specify that key-operated locks should be fitted to all accessible windows. Fit window locks with keys to all downstairs windows and those upstairs that are easy to reach.

Window locks are inexpensive and easy to fit, however before buying your window locks check the construction of your windows as there are different locks available.  

View locks for:

  1. Wooden windows  
  2. Metal windows 
  3. UPVC windows

CCTV systems

Security cameras

Security cameras, also know as close circuit television (CCTV), have become increasingly popular crime prevention aids for small to medium sized businesses, due to there affordability.  

CCTV cameras can be hard wired or wireless and are now fairly simple to install. There are a wide variety of home security camera systems on offer; for both exterior or interior use, optional night vision, all with audio.

Security surveillance cameras can be activated by sensors, similar to those used on security lights or burglar alarm systems. They record video pictures of the intruder before activation of the alarm, or alternatively record "time lapse" pictures, both are useful to the police to assist with detection and as evidence

Cameras can be connected to your television or PC and you can monitor any part of your premises, simply by changing over to a dedicated channel on the TV. Some systems have the ability to identify movement and will automatically switch to the camera channel and start your VCR recording instantly.

The manufacturer Fortis has brought out a wireless high resolution CCTV camera and outputs both audio and video signals. This camera is ideal for retail, office and factory environments. Receivers connect to TV or DVR (RCA connection). Connecting receivers to a PC monitor requires VGA Converter. Fortis products are highly reliable, quality tested and have a one year warranty.  You can buy a Fortis camera for around £49.98 (inc VAT).

Digital video recorder

A CCTV digital video recorder, records video and audio from your surveillance cameras and displays 6.0KnowCommercialSecuritydebeditsfinal in real time in single view or multi view mode on a regular TV, computer monitor or LCD TV. Ideally you should choose a system that has the option to record around the clock, during specific hours, or on motion detection.

Features to look for

Advanced MPEG-4 compression for long recording times, back up recordings via USB flash drive or local area network.

A CCTV security camera system will not stop theft or burglary, however it will act as a deterrent for any would-be thieves, and can help aid the police capture thief’s caught in the act.

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Security lighting

Installing outside lights which are motion activated can be a valuable tool to reduce your risk of being burgled.

Security padlocks

There are a large range of padlocks choose from including brass, steel, laminated, weatherproof, lever, combination padlocks, discus, and straight shackle padlocks.

If you are looking for serious protection you will need an ultra high security padlock (CEN Grade 4 and above) to keep high value commercial assets like cars, vans and plant secure.

An example of a CEN Grade five padlock is the Federal SS 700 Padlock. The Federal padlock is also Sold Secure rated and has the following features:  

  1. Deadlocking.
  2. Hardened solid steel lock body.
  3. Rekeyable six pin cylinders.  
  4. Stainless steel ball locking system.

CEN security rating is the European Standards for padlocks and padlock fitting. Ratings are awarded with the highest being 6 to the lowest being 1.

Extra high security
High security
GRADE 2 & 1 -

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Computer security

Computer security is a must for any office,

Hard drive protection 

Backing up your data to protect it from crashing and identity theft isn't enough, you should also make sure it's protected from both fire and water damage.

Sentry’s Fire-Safe hard drive is the world's first and only fire resistant and waterproof hard drive. Allowing direct USB connectivity to a laptop or desktop computer. Enables backup of critical data in the event of crash, computer failure, fire and water-related disasters. Is ETL verified waterproof for submersion/ETL verified 30min fire protection for up to 1550° F.

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Laptop security cases

Security cases are ideal for the secure storage of laptop computers when away from the office.

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Security cabinets

Security cabinets are essential if you store important documents, equipment, valuables, medical supplies or cash at your place of business. Security cabinets and safes will often come with a cash rating, this indicates the maximum cash amount insurers are prepared to cover for money kept within your chosen cabinet.

  1. The Defiant Security cabinet is a recommended cabinet with cash rated up to £4,000.
  2. Constructed of 3mm thick steel walls and
  3. Its door is secured by 3 way locking - 3 horizontal bolts and 1 vertical.

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Safes are a must have if you store important documents, data discs, valuables, medical supplies or cash at your place of business. Safes provide extra protection in the event of burglary or fire. The security offered by a safe will ultimately depend upon:

  1. Its resistance to being removed
  2. The strength and complexity of its locking mechanism
  3. The strength of its walls and doors

Before buying a safe you should first decide what type of security safe do you need. First of all, assess your requirement in liaison with your insurance company, as follows:

  1. List the items you want to protect and their total value then consider whether it is advisable to keep them at work at all. Large sums of cash should really be kept in the bank.
  2. Total volume or size of the articles.
  3. The locking system you prefer i.e. key lock, combination only lock, electronic locks.
  4. Type and location of safe:
  1. Free standing e.g. SecureLine Safe Deposit
  2. Wall mounted e.g. a Burton Wall Safe or a
  3. Under-floor e.g. a Sentry Floorboard Safe

It is vital you purchase a security safe that matches the value it has to protect.

There are two basic types of security safe available:  

  1. Fire resistant- devised to protect valuable documents (wills, share certificates, deeds etc.) and computer data-storage media in case of fire.
  1. Burglary resistant- intended for cash & valuables. The cash rating on a safe will help you decide the grade of the safe you need.


Fire resistant document safes This category covers safes and filing cabinets that are tested for fire, which guarantees that documents stored inside will withstand fire for the period tested.


SecureLine Doc Executive 

Fire resistant data safes Do you store your valuable back up computer disks/CD's at your office? Then you need a safe or filing cabinet tested for fire, which guarantees that computer data media and documents stored there, will withstand fire for the period tested.

Sentry Fire-Safes

Computer media requires special protection to keep the temperature at a much lower level, because they are plastic based and melt at a much lower temperature than that at which paper starts to burn.

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