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Car security has come a long way in the last ten years, especially in terms of effectiveness and reliability. It takes many forms, from steering wheel locks, immobilizers, car alarm systems, to tracking and anti-hijack devices.

DIY-fitted security devices

Locking wheel nuts offer specific protection for high value alloy wheels, double this with using an insurance approved steering wheel lock rated by Thatcham and Sold Secure   acts as good visible theft deterrent.

Professionally fitted car security systems

Professionally fitted alarm systems are most effective against theft. Many insurance companies offer discounts where a Thatcham  approved security system has been fitted,. This will require a certificate showing that the system has been fitted by an accredited installer to validate an insurance premium discount.

More car security devices

  1. Alarm Systems
  2. Visual Theft Deterrents
  3. Locking Wheel Nuts
  4. Steering Wheel Locks
  5. Tracking Systems
  6. Wheel Clamps  

Alarm Systems  

Many modern cars are now being fitted with insurance approved security devices. This is the car manufacturer's way of showing concern for their customers and most do provide a valuable deterrent. However manufacturing costs usually dictate that the supplied car security system will be no more than adequate.  

Most of these are clones - fitted in the same way on the production line – so a career thief only has to work out how to overcome one to be able to de-activate them all. Modern factory-fitted security systems are effective but only up to a point, so to reduce the risk of theft it is recommended that you use other security devices in conjunction with these, such as an insurance approved steering wheel lock or a quick fitting wheel clamp.

The key thing to remember is to make it as tricky and time-consuming for the thief as possible, as they will become increasingly more anxious about being caught in the act. Especially if parked sensibly in a well lit area where there is plenty of traffic passing by. Often visual deterrents can be the deciding factor to whether an opportunist thief tries to steal your car or moves onto an easier target.

Visual theft deterrents include:

  1. Etching (involves etching the cars vehicle identification number (VIN) or a serial number onto every window)
  2. Using a tagging system with highly visible warning labels such as those supplied by Alphadot Security, Data Tag and Smart Water.
  3. Arming your alarm (having an alarm system with a clearly visible flashing led).
  4. Using a steering wheel lock 
  5. Using a wheel clamp

Some advanced alarm systems can alert you of a triggered alarm status by SMS text message to a mobile phone, and if a thief does manage to overcome the anti-theft system, they could also be up against a hidden 'after-theft' system that tracks them and allows the police to pin-point the vehicle's exact location.

If your car does not have an alarm system a Thatcham approved device can be fitted by car security specialists, which will not only lower the risk of your car being stolen but may reduce your insurance premium.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Alloy wheels are easy targets. Locking wheel nuts are an inexpensive way of making them safer from theft. Most new cars with alloys have locking nuts as standard, but if you have an older car or aftermarket alloys, they are an essential purchase.

Keep the key with you at all times, in case you need to change a tyre -but make sure it is kept well hidden in a safe place.

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Steering Wheel locks

Steering wheel locks come in all shapes and sizes and are the most visual deterrent available. Most locks immobilise the steering wheel, although there are others available that secure the gearstick, handbrake or pedals.

Generally the bigger and heavier the lock is, the more trouble a thief will have removing it. Look at the quality of the lock barrel and any hinges – these are usually the weak points of the device. Remember that steering locks that cover all of the steering wheel will make it difficult to cut the steering wheel.

Take into consideration that not all of them will fit a steering wheel with an airbag.

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insurance approved. These have been tested and approved by both Sold Secure and Thatcham, so you can be sure they are reliable anti theft devices.

Tracking Systems

As the technology and effectiveness of immobilisers and car alarm systems improve, the career thief found vehicles less easy to steal. Their answer to the sophisticated alarm systems was to simply de-activate them the way the car's owner does - by either using the vehicle's ignition key, or to remove the vehicle on to a transporter and deal with the security system later. This led to an increase in the number of keys stolen from homes and offices, along with an increase in the number of car-jacks while waiting at traffic lights or when returning to the parked vehicle.

To combat this new form of car crime the government and car manufacturers worked together to develop Vehicle Tracking Systems.

Vehicle Tracking Systems are amongst the most expensive and effective security systems. With a high purchase price and a monthly rental charge these are generally best suited to high value cars.

There are a number of different systems on the market, but all work on the same principle. Once equipped with a transmitter, the tracking company can track your vehicle anywhere in the world thanks to
Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology.

Most systems work on two levels. The first, and cheapest relies on the owner to contact the operator when they realise the vehicle is missing. They then liaise with the police to recover the vehicle. But if the owner fails to realise in time that the vehicle is missing, the car may already be stripped and the transmitter destroyed.

The second type results in a more proactive service from the operator. If the vehicle is driven at an unusual time or into an unusual area (a map of the owner’s normal usage is built up), they will contact the owner by phone to confirm that they know the whereabouts of the vehicle. If it appears to be stolen, the police will be called.

Wheel Clamps

  1. Sold Secure ‘Gold’ rated when used with Bulldog Wheel Lock Bolts,
  2. can be fitted under 10 seconds,
  3. and received 10/10 for security in Auto Express tests!

If you leave you vehicle for long periods of time it may be worth investing in a high security wheel clamp, such as the Bulldog Euro Clamp which is insurance approved,

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